Living in San Diego, many of our communities have been built in cut and fill developments. From drilling through fill into formation as part of a foundation repair; or caisson and grade beam work needed for a new foundation, Nevares Concrete is well versed in all phases and applications of deep foundation work. There are many situations where limited access can be an issue when drilling caissons. Fortunately, limited access drilling is not a problem for Nevares Concrete, because our drillers a very familiar with the most difficult drilling platforms.



Nevares Concrete specializes in all phases of the concrete business, including super-structure concrete, foundation repair, concrete and masonry, as well as decorative concrete.  Serving San Diego County for over 40 years.


T.E. Nevares is an award winning company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design.


This is an example of making something out of nothing in the La Jolla Hills. These clients have an awesome view, and no back yard. By utilizing caisson and grade beam construction along with structural steel beams and lightweight concrete, we were able to create a magnificent entertainment platform.  The series of concrete walls that we built on top of the grade beams, allowed them to gain 900 sq ft of living space below the deck. They now have the game room they only dreamed of.

In the beginning of this project, the slope seemed almost non-accessible. We excavated an access road, moved on with a drill rig, and bore caissons that not only stabilized the existing slope, but were also the cornerstones for the grade beams that followed.  You can see from the finished product pictures, that these clients now have not only their awesome view, but a place to entertain and enjoy friends and family.

  • Nevares Concrete - canteleevered structural deck