T.E. Nevares Concrete

  • TE Nevares Concrete and Foundation RepairWith an extensive background in super-structure concrete, Nevares Concrete applies many of the techniques used in large commercial work to residential concrete foundation repair to San Diego homeowners.

    Limited Access Foundation Repair

    Nevares Concrete is a limited access specialist, with extensive experience working in limited access areas such as narrow side yards, slopes, and almost any type of limited access application. Having the right equipment is a huge benefit that Nevares Concrete provides its San Diego area customers. The company has been performing all phases of foundation repair for many years. If it’s removing or replacing a floor, jacking up a foundation, underpinning, caisson and grade beam work, or just epoxy injecting cracks in a slab, Nevares Concrete can do it all.

  • Caisson and Grade BeamLiving in San Diego, many of our communities have been built in cut and fill developments. From drilling through fill into formation as part of a foundation repair; or caisson and grade beam work needed for a new foundation, Nevares Concrete is well versed in all phases and applications of deep foundation work.  There are many situations where limited access can be an issue when drilling caissons. Fortunately, limited access drilling is not a problem for Nevares Concrete, because our drillers a very familiar with the most difficult drilling platforms.

    The photos below are from a cantilevered structural deck in La Jolla, built on  a steep hillside overlooking the ocean.

  • Commercial Retaining WallOver 30 years experience in concrete and masonry walls has afforded Nevares Concrete the benefit of relationships with some of the best masons in Southern California. From decorative brick to cantilevered pool decks, subterranean or site walls, Nevares Concrete in San Diego can handle any of your masonry needs.


  • Concrete Foundation/AdditonsNevares Concrete in San Diego  can accommodate any of your foundation needs. We perform all our own layout, excavation, forming, installation of reinforcement, place and finish and saw cutting. When choosing Nevares Concrete, you can feel confident that work will be performed in a professional manner. We pride ourselves on flat, square and true foundations.

    In the event you have a need for vertical foundation applications, we also handle all phases of cast-in-place or masonry walls, as well as structural slabs.

  • Curb and Gutter Acid Wash SidewalkOne of Tom Nevares' early experiences was running behind a curb machine for L.R. Hubbard. "We would pour a mile and quarter a day with 8 guys," said Tom.

    When  you have this kind of experience, you can be assured that any of your curb and gutter needs will be handled in the most efficient and cost effective manner. From removing and replacing one residential approach to handling an entire shopping center parking lot, Nevares Concrete has got you covered.

  • Pool Deck Under ConstructionEarly in Tom Nevares' career, he ran the concrete division of a pool company and poured "a deck a day." From cantilevered cast in place coping to excavation, drainage and deck caulking, Nevares Concrete can accommodate any facet of the pool deck industry, with many textures and colors to choose from.

  • Custome Flatwork - Exposed Aggregate and Acid WashExposed aggregate, acid wash, banding and broom finishes are just a few of the choices that you have for custom flat work.

  • Stamped ConcreteIt's great to be a well-rounded concrete company. From structural to super-custom, 32 years of experience has given Nevares Concrete the ability to deliver any type of concrete application. Stamped concrete happens to be one of the Nevares' favorite finishes. Any pattern, color and banding is at your disposal. Rest assured that your choice in Nevares Concrete will exceed your expectations.

  • Nevares Concrete Demo and HaulingA 750 lb. breaker on a 335 excavator can pop out just about anything you've got. Demo and hauling used to be provided as just a convenience to contractors. But Nevares saw a need to expand this part of the concrete business to address the needs of our customers.

    From driveway foundations or just excess dirt in your yard, Nevares Concrete's demo and hauling division is here to help. What you'll see is an International DT 466 dump truck, a 334 Bobcat excavator or a 763 Bobcat loader to handle any demo or hauling application with ease.

  • San Diego Areas Served by Nevares ConcreteT.E. Nevares Concrete serves customers in all the following San Diego area communities:

    North County Coastal

    North County Inland

    East County

    South County

    San Diego Central


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  • New Foundation/Additions
  • Site Work - Curb and Gutter
  • Pool Decks
  • Sidewalks and Driveways
  • Stamped Concrete
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